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Home energy. Evolved.

Safeguard your home against rising utility rates

Our uncompromising commitment to customers and quality drives every aspect of our business. Discover the Solara advantage.

Evolve your energy

End-to-end home energy solutions

Take control of your energy with Solara's full suite of solutions. Pair solar and home battery for energy independence or install a standby generator if your home experiences harsh winter storms or summer blackouts.


60+MW Installed

We design and install a variety of solar projects including roof mounted, fixed ground mount, and solar carports.

$54M+ in Savings

Accuracy in our designs and production estimates is of the highest importance. Every detail is considered to ensure maximum savings.

1.7M tons Carbon Offset

Our solar, battery, and EV solutions give you peace of mind that you are producing and using clean energy.

beyond the build

Solara Mobile

Direct communication with energy consultants and your project manager, real time project status updates, energy production and consumption monitoring, and everything else you need for a seamless and transparent solar experience.

Satisfied Solara Customers

Satisfied Solara Customers

"Solara’s obsession with customer satisfaction has truly blown me away."
— Kathy - Penn Valley, CA
Smart utility Panel

Modern Energy Solutions

Modernize your home without worrying about your existing electrical system.

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