Powerful Savings

Go Solar with Solara

The Solara Difference

Premium products. Outstanding performance.

We only provide top of the line products to ensure the highest level of performance and reliability on every solar project we design and install.


Performance & Aesthetics

Every detail of your system is considered during the design process to maximize performance as well as curb appeal, so you'll every aspect of going solar.

In-House Project Management

A dedicated Solara project manager handles every step of your project. The MySolara app tracks your project progress.

MySolara App

Real-time energy production monitoring and direct communication with the Solara Service team.

options to fit your budget

Transparent Pricing & Financing

Solara provides a variety of financing options to meet your budget and savings goals. Our solar proposal details your system costs, monthly savings, cash and loan payment options, and system ROI before you buy.

Long-term savings

Investing in Solar

Control of where your energy comes from and what you pay for it. Going solar gives you the freedom and power to become energy independent while realizing significant long term savings.